Pest Control in London

Experts in safe & effective pest control, servicing London & the Greater London Boroughs.

Vergo Pest Management have teams of experienced, local pest control technicians, servicing London and the surrounding areas.

Vergo pest management have a number of teams, solving pest problems across London and surrounding areas on a daily basis.

Pest problems in London can be a serious concern for homes and businesses. London is not only the biggest city with the largest population of people, it could be claimed is also the city that houses the largest population of rodents, which is why our technicians; are trained to solve pest problems near you quickly.

If you have a pest problem in London, then contact Vergo today for help.

London is the largest city in the UK with a dense population of people with an estimated population of 9.3 million people, making it a perfect place to call home for pests.

It has been claimed that the city houses the largest population of rodents, and old urban myth states ‘you are never more than six feet away from a rat in London’. This may not necessarily be true, but the bustling streets full of people creating tonnes of litter each day, can make pests infestations in London challenging to control. Our technicians; are trained to solve pest problems near you quickly.

Vergo are the largest independent pest control company and we put our customers forefront and centre of what we do.

We understand the importance of pest management within your home or business. A pest infestation can lead to major cost implications and inconvenience.

The presence of pests can cause damage to your reputation, which is why we work hard to resolving pest problems quickly.

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At Vergo our mission is to deliver pest-free environments for our London customers on a consistent and quality basis.

We pride ourselves on the professional service our technicians provide.  As the largest independent pest control company in the UK, you can be sure that there is a pest technician near you.

Vergo pest controllers understand that as a city, London can be very challenging for pest management. It contains buildings from various ages sat on underground tunnels, and the River Thames runs through it. This combined with the human lifestyle in a city that is open 24/7 provides pests, including mice and rat’s, ideal harbourage and a place to thrive. Vergo’s local team of technicians are backed up by our specialists service teams who carry out rodent proofing and bird proofing services.

To successfully solve pest problems in London requires experience and a good understanding of pests and the environment they live.

At Vergo you can rely on local technicians. They have a wealth of knowledge of solving pest control problems in London, serving both Commercial and residential clients on a day to day basis.

London Pest Control FAQ's

Rodent Pest Control in London

Rodents are a serious threat to homes and business due to risk of disease, direct financial loss, brand damage, and risk of prosecution.

Rats and mice transmit diseases including salmonellosis (food poisoning) and leptospirosis (Weil’s disease), and spread pathogenic micro-organisms onto food or food-contact surfaces. Mice and rats can also cause considerable damage to homes and buildings, due to gnawing and burrowing.

Insect Pest Control in London

Insects tend to be less thought of as pests until you are unfortunate to encounter them within your home or business. They can be an even more emotive subject than rodents.

Wasp and hornets can be very aggressive insects and are highly protective of their nests and food sources. They can be a danger to the public. Their venom contains a cocktail of toxins, some of which can cause Kounis syndrome, where the blood vessels are constricted leading to a heart attack.

Bird Control in London

Birds, such as pigeons and gulls, can cause damage to buildings, leading to expensive repairs and significant cleaning costs.

Many bird pest problems can also present a health and safety risk to people. They can transmit many potentially fatal diseases to humans such as salmonellosis and ornithosis.