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"Efficient and courteous service."

Davina Mcneill

"Mark d visited our store today, he has been servicing our store for the past few months, he’s very efficient and knowledgeable. His customer service is fantastic."

Jenny Beamish
23 June 2023

"I work at a place that has a regular contract with vergo. We are looked after by Mark D and his commitment to the job is second to none, regularly coming in as he is passing or at a different job on the site to make sure our needs are met. He is always very responsive to our queries, always happy to talk us through the options on the table and always gets the job sorted as soon as possible with regular check backs to make sure the procedures in place are working/ to see weather anything needs changing. It adds a friendly face to the name and I cannot recommend there service highly enough"

Jack Phillips
21 June 2023

"We had a recurring issue, and came and saw that things weren't getting better and went out of his way to fix the issue and to future proof. He is always reliable and works hard to build relationships with the store team, everyone here knows and like him."

Jon Barlow
14 June 2023

"Engaged Vergo Pest Management on 23 Dec 2022 to get rid of pest in my attic. Initially they identified as mice and put some poison to treat. Vergo never showed up on dates they said they would and had be chased several time before they honour appointments. No joy with poison . Vergo paid further two visit and decided it was rats so promised to return next week with a trap. After several calls chasing them they finally showed up on 19 Feb 2023 to set the trap. Despite promising weekly meeting they showed up after three week and announced a Squirrel was trapped, a far cry from mouse. Vergo reset trap and promised to return the following Monday. Send me a text for the next three weeks saying they will attend but never did. I chased Vergo and eventually asked them to raise a complain or provide complain procedure. They told they have raise the complain. I am still waiting to be contacted reference complain and/or for a visit. Pest caught in the trap is rotting away creating a horrible smell in the house. I regret the day I contacted Vergo. Draw your own conclusion on Vergo reputation, reliability, professionalism and their credential. 2023-04-10. Vergo contacted me with positive attitude and arranged a visit on 3rd April 2023 with a follow on visit today. Vergo are now helpful to resolve the issue. It seems this was a administrative error which Vergo is now rectifying. So well done Vergo. I will be updating the review once the job is complete."

23 December 2022

"Used Vergo to get rid of wasp nests in our loft. Superb service thanks guys."

David Wythes

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