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Don't let pests damage your leisure facilities or spoil your customer's experience.

Leisure Facilities Pest Control

Leisure facilities pest control

Pests such as rodents, cockroaches, and birds can pose a significant risk to the safety of customers, as well as cause damage to buildings and equipment.

When people visit gym’s, sports facilities, bowling alleys, cinemas, theatres, holiday parks, hotels and the like, they do so to have fun and enjoy special time with loved ones or friends. What they don’t want is their leisure time spoilt by pests.

Time is such a precious commodity, especially leisure time, and once it’s passed it’s passed. Much like reputations with customers it can take an age to build up a good reputation and loyal customer base, but poor service, or a bad experience and that can disappear in an instant.

Ensuring your customers are able to enjoy themselves in a clean and safe environment is paramount to ensuring the high levels of customer service your team deliver day in and day out shine through.

Through proactive pest management inspections where we check for integrity of pest prevention measures, Vergo will help you ensure your premises are suitably protected against pest infestations. We will scrutinise your property for any evidence of pests, and should any be identified we will take swift action to resolve the problem to minimise the impact on your operation and most importantly your customers.

Pest control for your business

Fly Control

Fly Pest Control & Extermination Services

Fly control can be achieved in a number of ways. Besides chemical treatments we can help prevent flying insects from gaining access to...

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Gull Pest Control & Nest Removal Services

Vergo technicians can provide you with a range of solutions for gull pest control & nest removal services

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Wasp Pest Control

Wasp Pest Control Services

Vergo provide nationwide wasp pest control & specialist nest removal services.

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Bed bug control

Bed Bugs Control Services

Vergo provides nationwide, specialist bed bug control services for detection and bed bug removal.

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Integrated Management Services

IPM is an ecosystem-based strategy that focuses on long-term prevention of pests or their damage through a combination of techniques.

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Bird Control Services

Vergo have a national team of experts with a wide array of experience in bird management solutions

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Insect Control & Extermination Services

Insect pests typically become more of a problem as the weather gets warmer. Insects tend to be less thought of as pests until...

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Rodent Control Services

Get rid of mice & rats today! We provide safe & effective rodent extermination & removal services for homes & businesses.

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Pigeon Control Services

Vergo Pest Management offer professional, discreet solutions to solve your pigeon problem swiftly and effectively.

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Rat control

Rat Pest Control Services

Get rid of rats today with Vergo! Safe & effective rat removal with the knowledge & the expertise to provide and carry out...

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Squirrel Control Services

At Vergo, we're fully equipped to tackle all your squirrel challenges

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Mole Control Services

Safe & effective mole removal with the knowledge & the expertise to provide and carry out a solution that meets your needs.

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Mice Pest Control Services

Mice Control Services

Get rid of mice today with Vergo! We provide safe & effective rodent removal & extermination services for homes & businesses.

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Textile Control & Extermination Services

Vergo can deploy numerous methods to rid your home or business of textile pests.

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Moths Control Services

Vergo can rid your home or business of a moth infestation by sending our expert pest control technicians to the rescue

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Silver Fish Control & Extermination Services

Our pest control experts have the knowledge to correctly identify and treat silver fish effectively.

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Cockroach Pest Control

Our trained professionals provide a full and thorough inspection for cockroaches and effective treatments.

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Carpet Beetle Control & Extermination Services

Vergo can provide effective carpet beetle treatments as well as monitor and control outbreaks through the use of natural pheromones.

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Booklice Control & Extermination Services

The pest control team at Vergo are fully trained and qualified to undertake all cases involving booklice infestation.

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Fleas Control Services

Our team provides an effective and safe method to rid your home of fleas.

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Bee Pest Control & Removal Services

Vergo is committed to providing safe and effective bee nest removal services throughout the UK.

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Ant Control & Extermination Services

Our pest control experts have the experience to correctly identify, treat and remove ants from your property.

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