Bee Pest Control & Removal Services

Vergo is committed to providing safe and effective bee nest removal services throughout the UK.

With a dedicated team of professionals trained in bee removal techniques, we understand the importance of protecting both people and pollinators.

Whether it’s a honeybee hive nestled in a residential area or a bumblebee colony disrupting commercial operations, our experts utilise specialised equipment and environmentally friendly methods to relocate the nests without harm. We prioritise the well-being of bees while ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our clients. Trust Vergo for efficient and responsible bee nest removal services across the UK.

Our prices are very competitive and market-appropriate compared to our nearest competitors. With more than 45 years of experience and a loyal client base, you can have peace of mind when enlisting our expertise.

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Bee Nest Removal Services

If you require bee removal services, contact us today for expert advice and a competitive price. Vergo offers a unique service whereby we guarantee full extraction of all bees, honeycomb, and honey, whilst maintaining the safety of the bees.<

Bee Nest Removal Process

  • Survey – Our Vergo bee removal specialists will examine the bee nest using state of the art thermal imaging and drones to determine the scale of the best nest in situ.
  • Access – Access equipment maybe required to safely carry out the bee nest removal within the building fabric.
  • Removal – Our expertise and proven methods ensure the safe the removal of all combs, honey and bees.
  • Proofing – We proof the area to prevent other pests and bee colonies returning to the same void space after extraction.

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