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Bird Control Experts

Vergo have a team of national bird control technicians, with a wide range of expertise in bird management solutions

How Can I Deter Birds From My Property?

Vergo utilises a wide array of bird management solutions including netting, spikes, wire systems, lasers, egg and nest treatment, electric deterrents, scaring technologies and trapping.

We have our own national team of dedicated bird proofing experts whose specific role is to install all of our bird pest control solutions. They have the skill and knowledge to utilise the correct solution for each location. Find Vergo pest control services near me.

Our specialist proofing team holds all of the relevant health and safety certificates that enable them to work safely.

Why are birds considered pests?

Most birds are a beautiful part of our wildlife, but some have become urban pests. This has led to an ever-rising number of insurance claims being recorded directly due to these pests.

Birds, such as pigeons and gulls, are becoming an increasing nuisance due to the damage they cause buildings, stairways and paths, due to accumulations of fouling and to pecking damage. The acidic excreta can damage the building itself leading to expensive repairs and significant cleaning costs.

They are also commonly associated with parasites that can spread from bird nests and bite people. Having a high pressure of pest birds nesting and roosting on your premises can make buildings look unsightly. Birds like seagulls also produce annoying noises and when they have young within nests they can become aggressive and swoop on unsuspecting passers-by.

Not only do pest birds present a problem to buildings, they also present a health and safety risk to people, as they can transmit many potentially fatal diseases to humans such as salmonellosis and ornithosis.

There are two main species of birds that we deal with in the uk

Pigeon control

Feral Pigeons are descended from a domesticated strain of the Rock Dove.

  • Feral Pigeons generally have red feet, a body length of 31-34cm and a weight of 250-560g.
  • They build their nests in or on buildings, ledges or in hollows – often under eaves or on girders.
  • If food is in plentiful supply, feral pigeons can breed throughout the year and have up to 7 broods of 2 young each year.
  • The young develop very quickly, fed on highly nutritious regurgitated pigeon ‘milk’.
Gull control

Gull species mostly found on buildings are:

  • Black-headed gull: medium-sized with black heads in the breeding season
  • Herring gull: Large with light grey back and pink legs
  • Lesser black-backed gull: Large with medium dark grey back and yellow legs
  • Great black-backed gull: Very large with thick set black back

Problems bird can cause

  • Birds and their fouling can transmit potential fatal diseases such as psittacosis, cryptococcosis, aspergillosis, toxoplasmosis, salmonellosis
  • Bird infestation can be a source of arthropod infestation such as pigeon fleas, pigeon louse flies, pigeon ticks, red poultry mites, clothes moths, carpet beetles, house moths, mealworm beetles
  • Bird fouling can be a slip hazard, it can damage buildings and it looks unsightly
  • Gulls can attack nearby people when they have young in their nest
  • Gull pecking can damage buildings
  • Gulls can peck open rubbish bags creating a mess

Commercial control methods

Vergo utilises a wide array of specialist non-lethal bird management solutions including netting, spikes, wire systems, lasers, electric deterrents, repellent gels and scaring technologies.

The selection of system is building-specific: through years of experience we know what system and components work best where.

Where absolutely necessary for public health and safety reasons and where legislation allows, we also offer physical removal or humane lethal bird control, including catch and release, shooting, trapping and egg and nest removals.

What you can do to help

  • Do not provide any possible food source as this will encourage these pests to take up residence nearby. Pigeon flock size is directly proportional to local food supply. Feeding birds can also encourage rats!
  • If cleaning up droppings, ensure you have appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), as serious diseases can be lurking in the fouling. Alternatively, call in a professional pest control company who will follow safe working procedures when doing this dangerous work.
  • Keep external doors closed to prevent access.
  • Contact Vergo for advice and book an appointment with one of our expert pest technicians. Vergo is a certified BPCA member, offering the British Standard for Pest Management.
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