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Mice Pest Control Services

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We provide safe & effective rodent removal & extermination services for homes & businesses.

What damage can mice cause?

Mice Pest Control Services

Vergo are specialists when it comes to rodent control, with over 45 years’ experience in resolving mice infestations, Vergo can be trusted to solve problems quickly and effectively.

As well as mice removal services, Vergo also specialises in pest control services for all pest species including; birds, rats, wasp, bed bugs, cockroaches, wildlife services and more, for residential and commercial customers.

If you need to get rid of mice on your property, contact us today for expert advice and a free no obligation inspection and quotation.

National Pest Control Experts

Looking for mice control services near you? Vergo offers national pest control services across the UK and Northern Ireland. Whether it’s offering preventative services or a reactive call out due to a pest sighting, you can be sure there’s a Vergo pest expert near you ready to help. Find your local pest control technician.

Mice - Common House Mouse

A fully trained technician will attend the property and carry out a detailed inspection before deciding on the correct approach to treat your pest problem.

We offer both residential and commercial solutions and our technicians cover the whole of the UK, find Vergo pest control services near you.

What do I need to know about mice?

Few people really like mice or rats, and no one wants them in their home or within their business property. House mice are small…

Looking for a pest provider you can trust?

At Vergo, we put safety first, always. We are proud to have received the seal of approval and have passed vigorous health and safety audits including ISO9001, CHAS, Safe Contractor and more.

Vergo are an approved member of the British Pest Control Association.

What do I Need to Know About Mice?

Few people really like rats or mice, and no one wants them in their home or within their business property. House mice are small, with their body rarely exceeding 9cm with a dark grey-brown back and light grey belly.

Damage and risk to public caused by mice
The presence of mice can cause significant damage to property; this is because mice’ teeth never stop growing. Mice continually nibble or gnaw on items to keep their incisors at a constant length. They can gnaw through various materials even some metals.

Mice are a public health risk, as they can spread nasty diseases such as Leptospirosis (Weil’s disease) spreading it to humans through their urine, droppings and bedding.

Within various sectors mice can contaminate food and food surfaces, transferring the bacteria and dirt they carry on their bodies to everywhere they touch. This could include unsealed items of food, cabinets and food preparation areas.

Mouse facts
When a female mouse gets pregnant, it only takes between 19 and 24 days for her to give birth to a litter (also known as the gestation period). Each litter typically consists of 5-6 mouse. After giving birth she can immediately mate, therefore, left untreated mice infestations can rapidly grow.

Mice are excellent climbers and can gain access to tiny holes and gaps! Mice only need a gap of 6mm to gain entry (this is roughly the diameter of a biro pen).

These small pests are nocturnal and are most active at night, therefore, they are rarely seen, but there are tell-tale signs which indicate if mice have been present.

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