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Risks Mice Pose to a Business

Mice can cause significant risks to businesses, here we explore what that could mean for you and your customers.

Risks Mice Pose to a Business

Mice can cause many issues for homes and business, here are the main risks that mice could cause to your business if left to their own devices:

  • Damage the business reputation
  • Property damage
  • Health concerns
  • Loss of earnings and or incurred cost
  • Large infestations may result in the premises having to close for a period of time
Mice - Common House Mouse

If you have a problem with mice on your premises, it advisable to seek professional help when the problem first emerges. Left untreated mice issues can rapidly grow into serious large-scale infestations.

Vergo technicians not only control mice issues, they also offer pest proofing services to mitigate any future mice problems. Contact us today to speak to mice expert.

What do I need to know about mice?

Few people really like mice or rats, and no one wants them in their home or within their business property. House mice are small…

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