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Types Of Mice In The UK

There are two common types of mouse in the UK, here we explore the facts.

Types Of Mice In The UK

There are two common types of mouse in the UK, here we explore the facts.

House mouse (Mus musculus domesticus) they are known as “commensal rodents”, which refers to them living with or in close proximity to humans.

Mice - Common House Mouse

Common places you may find a house mouse:
House mouse live in and around human premises, making their homes in wall voids, storage boxes, lofts, barns, sheds, basements, crawl spaces, cabinets, warehouses and many other similar locations. House mice prefer to nest close to food and water sources, typically within 30 to 50 feet.

Field mouse / wood mouse
Field mouse or wood mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus) prefer nesting outdoors, but will possibly move indoors once the weather gets colder.

Common places you may find field mouse or wood mouse:
Field mice thrive in woodland, rough grassland and gardens. It stores berries and seeds in the autumn in underground burrows or sometimes in old birds’ nests.

If you spot a mouse in your home or business, it is likely to be a house mouse. Need help with a mice issue? Contact us today for expert advice.

What do I need to know about mice?

Few people really like mice or rats, and no one wants them in their home or within their business property. House mice are small…

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