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Rat Control Services

We can help you get rid of rats with safe & effective rat removal solutions.

Expert Rat Removal Services

Rat control

Vergo are specialists when it comes to rat control, with over 45 years’ experience in resolving rat infestations.

We can be trusted to solve rat pest problems quickly and effectively, with safe rat extermination and prevention strategies.

As well as rat removal services, Vergo also specialises in pest control services for all pest species including; micewaspbed bugscockroaches, wildlife services and more, for both residential and commercial customers.

If you need to get rid of rats on your property, contact us today for expert advice and a free no obligation inspection and quotation.

National rat control experts

Looking for rat control services near you? Vergo provide national pest control services across the UK. No matter your location, you can be sure there’s a Vergo pest expert near you ready to resolve your pest issue. Find a Vergo pest controller near you.

Rodent control - rat

All of our technicians are qualified experts, certified in the safe use of rodenticides, the initial training program that we put our technicians through. This means they are able to tackle the smallest infestation on a residential property to a widespread problem in a commercial building. At Vergo, we have the knowledge and the expertise to provide and carry out a solution that meets your needs.

What you need to know about Rats

Rats can cause significant damage to property as Rats’ teeth never stop growing. They can gnaw through various materials even some metals!

Our trained pest control technicians are experts when it comes to exterminating rats and other public health pests from homes and business.

Vergo pest professionals have a knowledge and understanding of rats behaviours, along with years of experience managing rodent infestations.

Whether you are looking for a rat exterminator, rodent proofing or rodent monitoring, our team are here offer you the best solutions to your pest problems 24/7.

Risks rats pose to your business or organisation

Rats can cause significant risks to businesses including:

  • Financial losses
  • Reputational damage
  • Loss of time and inconvenience
  • Loss of products (eg. soiled crops and food goods)
  • Fines
Rat in kitchen

If you have rats on your premises, it advisable to seek professional help when the problem first emerges. Left untreated rat issues can rapidly grow into serious large scale infestations.

What you need to know about Rats

Rats can cause significant damage to property; this is due to the fact that Rats’ teeth never stop growing. Rodents constantly gnaw on items to keep their incisors in check. They can gnaw through various materials even some metals!

Marking their territory
Rats mark their territory and communicate by urinating everywhere they go, representing a significant public health risk. They can carry many nasty diseases, which can spread to humans, normally through rats’ urine or body coming into contact with food preparation areas.

Active at night
Rats are nocturnal and are most active at night and during dawn and dusk.

Rapid population expansion
On average, a female rat can produce six litters annually, each containing twelve baby rats. In reality, however, most litters have between five to offspring (baby rats are known as pups). At only four to five weeks old, these little rodents have already reached their sexual maturity, thus allowing for the population to expand from two to up to twelve-fifty within a year, leaving the opportunity for even greater exponential growth.

Excellent climbers
Rats are excellent climbers and are capable of gaining entry through holes around soffit vents, around cables entering the building or even via breaches in the sewer system. Rats are also excellent runners and swimmers!

Rat & Rodent Infestation FAQs

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