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How to Prevent Rats?

We have the expertise & knowledge to safely eradicate rats from your premises

Rat control

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

There are many simple things you can do to avoid having a problem with rats in or around your buildings.

You can make your environment less attractive to rats by using the following tips:

  • Maintain good housekeeping – poor housekeeping can increase the attraction of rats.
  • Clear debris – accumulations of debris and materials in grounds can provide rat harbourage. Remove any unwanted items.
  • Secure food storage – ensure all external food waste is kept in secured lidded bins with plugged drainage holes, and keep bin areas clean. Ideally all food storage should be off the ground. Any internal food sources should be keep in cupboards in sealed containers.
  • Vegetation – remove potential breeding sites by keeping vegetation cut back and grounds clean and tidy.
Rats on bin bags
  • Bird feeding – be careful how you feed wild birds as you may be encouraging rats.
  • Compost – protect your compost from access by rats, or do not use it for waste food that might be attractive to rats.
  • Prevent access to water sources – Rats need water to survive so where possible cut off access. This will help prevent attracting them to your premises.

If rats are present then you need to install methods of control to get rid of them. Contact us today to speak to rat expert.

What you need to know about Rats

Rats can cause significant damage to property as Rats’ teeth never stop growing.  They can gnaw through various materials even some metals!

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