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What To Look For When Searching For Rats

We have the expertise & knowledge to safely eradicate rats from your premises

Rat control

How Do You Know If You Have Rats?

It is vital to find a trusted pest control company when facing pest issues and at Vergo, we put safety first, always. Here are a few tell-tale signs that rats may be present and you may need to contact us:

  • Droppings – these are cigar-shaped and around 1cm in length. Rats produce around 40 per day, so if you have an infestation, some of these are likely to be seen.
  • Gnawing damage – rats have to gnaw constantly to keep their teeth in good condition, and as a result teeth marks may be seen on timber, soft metals, pipes, cables etc.
  • Noises – scraping noises may be heard from under floors, behind walls or in the loft.
Rat in kitchen
  • Smears – black greasy marks may be left by rats running over prominent objects over a long period of time
  • Holes – burrows, with entrance holes of 5cm to 7cm diameter, may be seen in gardens and grounds

What you need to know about Rats

Rats can cause significant damage to property as Rats’ teeth never stop growing.  They can gnaw through various materials even some metals!

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Vergo Pest Management Ltd has over 45 years industry experience, offering both commercial and residential customers fast and effective pest control services banishing public health pests.

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Our mission is to deliver pest-free, safe and clean environments for customers on a consistent and quality basis.

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Vergo technicians are fully trained pest professionals, experienced and knowledgeable in dealing with all manner of public health pests.

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Safety first, is always our motto at Vergo and we hold various safety accreditations to support this. Vergo are proud members of The British Pest Control Association.