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Pest Alert Sight

Revolutionising Rodent Control with our Intelligent Thermal Imaging Solution

In the battle against rodents, our groundbreaking solution combines cutting-edge technology with expert pest management— introducing Pest Alert Sight.

Pest Alert Sight

Pest Alert Sight is an innovative rodent identification system designed explicitly for areas susceptible to infestations or hard-to-reach locations. With its state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology combined with artificial intelligence, Sight provides unparalleled monitoring capabilities, ensuring round-the-clock surveillance of rodent activities. Enquire now for more information or to book a survey of your premises.

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Pest Alert Sight Benefits

  • Continuous Monitoring for Enhanced Control
    With the Pest Alert Sight system in place, your premises can benefit from continuous monitoring, ensuring comprehensive coverage at all times. This proactive approach allows for early detection of rodent presence, minimising the risk of infestations and potential damage. By leveraging advanced technology, Sight offers a reliable and efficient solution that helps keeps your environment rodent-free.
  • Non-Invasive Detection with State-of-the-Art Technology
    Pest Alert Sight employs non-invasive techniques; using thermal imaging technology, Sight can detect the heat signatures and movement patterns specific to rodents, enabling swift and accurate identification and targeted treatment.
  • Real-Time Alerts and Actionable Insights
    Upon rodent detection, Pest Alert Sight delivers instant real-time alerts and pinpoint accuracy alongside video footage, empowering Vergo’s team to determine the exact time and location of the activity. This valuable data enables quick response and effective mitigation strategies.
  • AI-Driven Analytics for Data-Driven Decision Making
    Pest Alert Sight goes beyond detection by using advanced artificial intelligence capabilities to gather and analyse data. The system provides insights into rodents’ behaviour, monitoring movement patterns and heat signatures, giving a comprehensive overview of all verified rodent activity.
  • Comprehensive Protection
    By adopting Pest Alert Sight, businesses gain a sophisticated and hassle-free solution to their rodent control issues and ongoing risks. The continuous monitoring and data-driven insights offered by Pest Alert Sight ensures the highest level of rodent detection, providing unparalleled safety for your premises.
  • Tailored Solutions for Unmatched Efficiency
    At Vergo, we understand that each environment is unique, requiring customised approaches for optimal pest control. Whether you operate a large industrial facility or a small commercial space, we will work closely with you to design a solution that maximises efficiency and minimises the risk of rodent-related problems.
Pest Alert Sight

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