How to get rid of Bed Bugs

We have the expertise & knowledge to safely eradicate bed bugs from your premises

Steps to Successfully Remove a Bed Bug Infestation From Your Property

We understand how stressful and disruptive a bed bug infestation can be.

At Vergo, we are committed to providing the highest quality bed bug removal services to help you get back to normal as quickly as possible. Contact us today to book a free no obligation survey and take the first step towards getting rid of bed bugs from your home or business.

It is recommended to promptly seek the assistance of a professional to address a bed bug infestation, as delaying treatment may result in further growth and spread of the infestation.

What to expect on your site survey

We will organise a convenient time for a bed bug site survey to take place. This will be carried out discreetly by a trained professional who will complete a visual inspection of various areas in your property including your bedroom and living areas.

Once the survey has been completed, you will receive a detailed report outlining any findings and Vergo’s recommendations for treatment. Our team will work with you to develop a customised treatment plan that meets your needs and helps eliminate the bed bug infestation as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you have a multi-occupancy premises, such as a hotel, care home or student accommodation we may recommend using our canine detection team to search multiple rooms for bed bugs quickly.

Bed bug detection services

Did you know that dogs can identify distinct smells between 1,000 – 10,000 times more effectively than humans?

Vergo’s canine detection team can detect the presence of bed bugs quickly and effectively, thoroughly search a room for bed bugs in a matter of minutes saving time and money.

canine detection

This service is popular in multi-occupancy accommodations with a high volume of traffic such as hotels, student accommodation and care homes.

Bed Bug control and removal treatments

Heat Treatments for bed bugs

Vergo provides specialist heat treatment services to eliminate bed bugs. Using specialised equipment to increase the temperature in the affected area, this successfully eliminates all life stages of the bed bug from egg to adult. Heat treatment for bed bugs is environmentally friendly as it is non-toxic and does not use harmful chemicals. Heat treatment is a fast and effective method of resolving bed bug infestations and enables affected rooms to be available for use in hours rather than days.

To enquire about Vergo’s heat treatments, contact us today.

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