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How to Know if you Have a Wasp Infestation

July 07, 2023

Let’s face it – nobody wants to be stung by a wasp. Keeping these stingers at bay is crucial, whether it’s your home or business. So, how do you know if you have a wasp infestation? Here we explore the tell-tale signs that point towards a problem with wasps and how our wasp pest control services can help.

Signs of Wasp Infestation
Wasps are drawn to places that offer food, water, and shelter. Gardens, rubbish, outdoor eating areas, and buildings with small crevices are prime locations for wasps to be attracted too however there are some key signs to determine if you have an infestation or not:

High Wasp Activity
You may spot an unusual increase in the number of wasps hovering around a specific area. Take care when inspecting an area, as wasps can be particularly aggressive when their nest is threatened.

Wasp Nests
Another sign of an infestation might be that you find a wasp nest on your premises. These are typically made from chewed pulp, wood, and saliva, creating an intricate and unique paper-like material.

Can Wasps Cause Damage?
What we really all want to know is can wasps cause structural damage to my property? Wasps themselves don’t cause structural damage, but their nests, if built in wall cavities or similar spaces, can cause issues. Therefore, it is advisable to seek professional help to control the problem early.

How to deal with an existing infestation
If you’ve already got a wasp problem, don’t panic. Keep a safe distance and call Vergo to ensure a safe and effective removal process. Following our top tips can help keep your home or business wasp-free. Remember, wasps can be dangerous – if in doubt contact us.

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Get all of your UK pest control updates here at The Buzz!

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