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Pest Control in Brighton

Experts in safe & effective pest control, servicing Brighton & surrounding areas.

Looking for reliable pest control solutions in Brighton or Hove?

Look no further than Vergo Pest Management!

Our teams of seasoned pest control technicians are local to the Brighton & Hover area, offering unbeatable expertise and timely service right at your doorstep. Trust in the experience and local knowledge of Vergo pest control professionals for all your pest control needs.

Whether you are searching for commercial pest control services or if you have a pest issue at home, we will provide you with swift and successful pest control solutions for all species. Our comprehensive suite of pest control services includes handling issues involving Rats, Mice, Flies, Wasps, Bed bugs, Cockroaches, Birds, Foxes and more, solidifying us as Brighton & Hove’s go-to pest control service.

Facing a pest problem in Brighton? Get in touch today for seasoned advice or a no-obligation quote, and reclaim your peace of mind.

Brighton & Hove, renowned for their vibrant seaside charm and rich history, is a city where both homes and businesses thrive.

Managing pest infestations in such a bustling locale, however, can be a daunting task. That’s why it’s vital to enlist the expertise of professionals to eradicate pests from their roots, preventing any future infestations.

Homeowners and business proprietors alike know that discovering nuisance pests can be both alarming and disruptive. Untreated pest problems can spiral, causing substantial damage and accruing hefty costs, not to mention the potential reputational harm for businesses.

Fortunately, Vergo, with over 45 years of industry experience, stands as the UK’s largest independent pest control company, offering unmatched national coverage. This ensures that wherever you are in Brighton or Hove, a Vergo pest control expert is just around the corner, ready to restore safety and peace to your environment. Rely on our professional pest experts for fast and effective solutions, guaranteeing a pest-free environment.

Vegro is a proud member of The British Pest Control Association, the leading professional association for the UK public health pest management industry, representing excellence, professionalism and promoting best practices.

Pest Control Hove

Brighton Pest Control FAQ's

Rodent Pest Control in Brighton

Rodent infestations in homes and businesses are more than just a nuisance; they pose significant health and financial risks. At the forefront are rats and mice, carriers of diseases such as salmonellosis and leptospirosis, jeopardizing the well-being of both residents and patrons.

Don’t let your home or business in Brighton fall victim to the damages these pests can inflict, including tangible financial loss, brand damage, and potential legal repercussions. Rats and mice can contaminate food and surfaces and can cause structural damage through relentless gnawing and burrowing.

Bird Control in Brighton

In seaside towns like Brighton, bird control is not just a necessity but a crucial aspect of maintaining a comfortable home and a reputable business. The delightful yet bustling bird population, including gulls and pigeons, often brings with it challenges such as noise disturbances, droppings that damage property and pose health risks, and aggressive behaviour during the nesting season. Whether it’s your home being targeted or your business suffering from an unwelcome pest bird presence, securing professional bird control services in Brighton can help you mitigate these issues effectively. At Vergo, we have a range of bird control solutions to protect your property and maintain a peaceful environment. For more information or to book a no-obligation survey of your premises, get in touch today.

Insect Pest Control in Brighton

Facing insect infestation issues in Brighton?

Our expert team is here to help you handle infestations of common pests, such as ants in your kitchen, bed bug infestations causing discomfort in homes or hotels, and disease-spreading cockroaches in food storage areas. We also address issues with fleas brought in by pets and safely remove wasp nests and bee swarms that appear in the warmer months. Protect your Brighton business or home and your loved ones from the nuisance and potential dangers of insect infestations; reach out to our team for tailored insect control solutions in your local area.