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Pest Control in Coventry

Experts in safe & effective pest control, servicing Coventry & surrounding areas.

Vergo Pest Management have teams of experienced, local pest control technicians servicing Coventry.

Searching for pest control services in Coventry? Look no further than Vergo. We’re here to assist you.

Vergo provides swift and efficient pest control services to both commercial and residential clients, addressing a wide array of pest species. Our comprehensive services encompass the management of concerns related to rats, mice, flies, wasps, bed bugs, cockroaches, birds and more.

In Coventry, our team of skilled pest control technicians boasts years of experience in effectively managing public health pests.

Vergo offers expert guidance and discreet, prompt solutions to effectively address pest issues.

If you need help or advice with a pest problem, Contact us today for expert advice or a no-obligation quotation.

Coventry is a city steeped in history and innovation, is a vibrant hub of culture and diversity.

Pest problems in the city and nearby areas are challenging. Seek professional help to prevent reinfestation and avoid damage.

Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, pests can be alarming and costly if untreated.

With 45+ years of experience, Vergo is the UK’s largest independent pest control company, offering nationwide coverage. Our skilled technicians ensure a safe, pest-free environment.

Vergo’s pest control technicians bring extensive expertise to resolve pest issues.

Our Coventry specialists provide effective rodent, bird, and wildlife management.

Vergo is always inquisitive about the science of pest control; through innovation, we protect people, property, and the environment. With a ‘one-team’ culture, Vergo can be trusted to deliver and always make a positive impact.

Vegro is a proud member of The British Pest Control Association, the leading professional association for the UK public health pest management industry, representing excellence, professionalism and promoting best practices.

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Coventry Pest Control FAQ's

Rodent Pest Control in Coventry

Rodents are a serious threat to homes and businesses due to the risk of disease, direct financial loss, brand damage, and risk of prosecution.

Rats and mice transmit diseases, including salmonellosis (food poisoning) and leptospirosis (Weil’s disease), and spread pathogenic micro-organisms onto food or food-contact surfaces. Mice and rats can also cause considerable damage to homes and buildings due to gnawing and burrowing.

Insect Pest Control in Coventry

Insects tend to be less thought of as pests until you are unfortunate to encounter them within your home or business.

Wasp can be very aggressive insects and are highly protective of their nests and food sources. They can be a danger to the public. Their venom contains a cocktail of toxins, some of which can cause Kounis syndrome, where the blood vessels are constricted, leading to a heart attack.

Bird Control in Coventry

Birds, such as pigeons and gulls, can cause damage to buildings, leading to expensive repairs and significant cleaning costs.

Many bird pest problems can also present a health and safety risk to people. They can transmit many potentially fatal diseases to humans such as salmonellosis and ornithosis.