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Issues caused by Moles

Mole problems can happen quickly and escalate fast. This is because moles have litters of up to seven pups, that will each go on to create their own tunnel network.

Expert Mole Control Solutions

As they grow into adults, each and every mole will look to establish its own tunnel network.

Digging at speeds of up to four metres per hour, this can obviously cause significant damage. While there is little that can be done to prevent moles from gaining access to your property, eradicating the problem once they have arrived is what Vergo Pest Control specialises in.

While people may be able to deal with small mole problems on their own, any larger outbreaks will require professional pest control services. Our mole team is on standby to visit your property for an inspection and eventual eradication of the issue.

You will find our services to be fast, effective and offering the highest levels of safety. All team members are diligent professionals who will always be friendly and accessible. They will talk you through all of the work that they will be carrying out at your property.

Common Warning Signs

Seeing moles is unlikely because they very rarely come above ground. In the off chance that you do see one, it’s important to exercise caution. This is because moles have very sharp teeth and will attempt to bite you when aggravated.

The first sign of an infestation is the presence of new molehills or ridges that have been caused by their tunnelling process. Moles generally dig two types of tunnels. The shallow tunnels are just below the ground surface and are created when they search for food. They can be seen as a raised ridge in your lawn or a flower bed.

Do you have a problem with moles?

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