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What are Gulls & Seagulls?

Gulls, also known as seagulls, are a family of seabirds belonging to the family Laridae.


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Gulls, also known as seagulls, are a family of seabirds belonging to the family Laridae. They are medium to large-sized birds with long wings, webbed feet, and strong bills. Gulls are known for their adaptability and can be found in various habitats around the world, including coastal areas, lakes, rivers, and even urban environments.

Some common characteristics of gulls include:

Size: Gulls range in size from small species like the Little Gull (approximately 25 cm or 10 inches in length) to larger species like the Great Black-backed Gull (about 66 cm or 26 inches in length).

Plumage: Gulls typically have white or light-colored feathers, often with gray or black markings. Their plumage may vary depending on the species and their age. Many gull species have a distinctive appearance with a white body, gray wings, and black wingtips.

Beak and Feet: Gulls have strong and slightly hooked beaks, which are well adapted for their feeding habits. Their bills vary in shape and size, depending on the species and their feeding preferences. Gulls also have webbed feet, which enable them to swim and walk on various surfaces.

Feeding Habits: Gulls are opportunistic feeders and have a diverse diet. They consume a variety of foods, including fish, crustaceans, insects, small mammals, eggs, berries, garbage, and even human food scraps. Their feeding behavior can involve scavenging, diving, or surface feeding.

Vocalisations: Gulls are known for their loud and distinctive calls. They communicate with various vocalizations, including calls, squawks, and screams, which can vary among species and serve different purposes, such as territorial defense or communication within their groups.

Gulls are social birds and often congregate in large flocks, particularly during the breeding season. They engage in courtship displays, nest building, and rearing their young. Some gull species are migratory, undertaking long-distance journeys during specific seasons.

It’s important to note that gulls encompass a diverse group of species, and their specific characteristics, behaviours, and distributions can vary. There are numerous species of gulls worldwide, including the Herring Gull, Ring-billed Gull, Black-headed Gull, and California Gull, among others. In some instances gulls and seagulls can be controlled under the Health and Safety General License. Additionally, all gull species can be controlled under the Air Safety General License.

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