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Types of Flies in the UK

Here we explore the common fly species in the UK

Discover the United Kingdom's most prevalent fly species

From our urban streets to the rural countryside, these tiny yet significant creatures play an essential role in our ecosystem. In the following sections, we’ll take a closer look at the various fly species that call the UK home:

House Flies

House flies will infest any premise as they are attracted to any food source.

House Fly
Blow Fly

Blow Flies

Blow flies such as bluebottles are the noisiest flies, and tend to be attracted to rotten meat, and overflowing bins.

Cluster Flies

Cluster flies are typically found in large numbers in attics or on south-facing walls/ windows in early spring and Autumn.

Cluster Fly
Fruit Fly

Fruit Flies

Fruit flies tend to be problematic in properties that contain fermenting fruit and other items such as beer and milk. They can also infest blocked drains.

Lesser House Flies

Lesser House flies are unique as thy are the only species that are not attracted to UV light. They are predominantly found around waste and poorly kept bin areas.

Lesser House Flies

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