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Insights & Reporting

Detailed pest control reports recorded securely via the Vergo Hub portal ensuring a fully compliant service

Vergo Hub Complete Reporting Platform

Our pest control reports are recorded in real-time and are accessible via our customer portal Vergo Hub.

Every technician visit produces a comprehensive audit report, detailing what the technician completed whilst on site and any pest issues that may have been found. Be sure to read every report and action the recommendations made.

  • Site Management – Manage all of your sites, wether you have 1 or 1000, the pest pulse platform allows you to see all of your sites pest control information in one place.
  • Smart Devices – Your smart devices alert you to real time pest issues. See where they are and what their status is. Your early warning system.
  • Recommendations – Manage recommendations made by Vergo technicians , see detailed photos and notes so you can quickly take action to resolve problems that cause pests.
  • Site Audits – Every report our technicians produce is stored securely on the platform allowing you to see reports that happened last week or last year.
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